• Hinrik Kristjánsson
    Hinrik Kristjánsson CEO

    hinrik (at) kambur.is

  • Hjörtur Hinriksson
    Hjörtur Hinriksson COO

    hjortur (at) kambur.is

  • Hólmar Hinriksson
    Hólmar Hinriksson Production Manager

    holmar (at) kambur.is
    tel: 456-7700

  • Kristjana Hinriksdóttir
    Kristjana Hinriksdóttir Accounting

    jana (at) kambur.is
    tel: 456-7700

  • Sigurbjört Eggertsdóttir
    Sigurbjört Eggertsdóttir Accounting

    sigurbjort (at) kambur.is
    tel: 456-7700

  • Björn Gunnarsson
    Björn Gunnarsson Engineer

    bjossi (at) kambur.is

  • Ólafur Jens Daðason
    Ólafur Jens Daðason Supervisor

    jenni (at) kambur.is

  • Andrei Zaikin
    Andrei Zaikin SUPERVISOR
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